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1968 Triumph 650 chopper

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I'm selling my 1968 Triumph chopper that has a new stator, new air filters, new sparkle blue grips, new regulator/rectifier, new sealed battery, new clutch and much more.
Bike has an ARD magneto, a springer is in excellent condition. Hallcraft front hub with 19" rim. Triumph rear hub with Harley 16" rim.
This bike is a 1-2 kick bike (usually).
Twin carb (factory Amals), right side shift/left side brake.
Titled as a '68 (off the motor #).
Leaks a little bit, smokes a little bit.
Paint is pretty nice, Triumph decals on the side of the tank aren't perfect,

Will entertain offers.

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Bugsy... you are the nicest guy ever.
Thanks so much.

That bike apparently liked me. It didn't want to leave, but I am sure you will love it just the same or more.

Thanks. You're a stand up guy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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