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1967 Triumph 650 radical 70's chopper

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Either you love it or you hate it! This is a wild original triumph 650 chopper that has no engine. it has the octagon oil tank, podtronics box on fender, has a 16" back wheel laced to a harley rim, the tank and frame are all molded and the inside the tank isnt bad, the sunset seen with the sailboat is classy though! The springer front end is huge and will clean up, has period everything, risers pull back bars, the front wheel is not correct, but for another $100 I have a really nice 18" spool that I will throw in! The seat is huge, I dont know if it came with bike, but I have two other smaller ones you can choose from if you dont want the monster one. The bike only comes with 1 seat! The paint is a white pearl and some dude in the 70's was a stud riding this around. I wanted to restore it and make it rideable but havent had time and hate to see a one of a kind bike like this go to waist! try and find another one like this! $1000, $1100 with spool wheel.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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