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1967 T120R Front Wheel Alignment Problem

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Hi folks, in a bit of a pinch with my new front wheel. Long story short while the bike is a 67, I'm using 69 upper & lower trees, TLS front brake setup, new axle, new fork seals, new bearings and hardware, lower members and brand new fork tubes. I just had the front rim laced, balanced and trued so it *should* be good.

Anyway, when I mount up the new wheel to the members and center it between the forks, everything looks good but as soon as I tighten up the lower member axle retaining bolts on each side the whole wheel (as looked at from the front) tips to the right about 1/4" leaving about 1/8" clearance on the right and about 1/2" on the left.

Any ideas what could be going on here and how to fix it?
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what are the condition of the tubes? could they have an ever so slight bend ?
seen this before,,we "clocked" the tubes and the sliders aligned with the axle perfectly...couldnt even see the bend until the tubes were rolled on a flat surface.
{ the only thing that could`ve caused this, according to the owner, was once when loading the bike, he rode it up a ramp onto the back of a pick-up and hit the bulkhead pretty hard. not enough to drop the bike, but mebbe just enough to bend the tubes!]
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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