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1967 T120R Front Wheel Alignment Problem

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Hi folks, in a bit of a pinch with my new front wheel. Long story short while the bike is a 67, I'm using 69 upper & lower trees, TLS front brake setup, new axle, new fork seals, new bearings and hardware, lower members and brand new fork tubes. I just had the front rim laced, balanced and trued so it *should* be good.

Anyway, when I mount up the new wheel to the members and center it between the forks, everything looks good but as soon as I tighten up the lower member axle retaining bolts on each side the whole wheel (as looked at from the front) tips to the right about 1/4" leaving about 1/8" clearance on the right and about 1/2" on the left.

Any ideas what could be going on here and how to fix it?
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Glad you got it sorted out. I usually mount the loosely laced rim in the forks, center it, measure the offsets and then true it in the stand. With front wheel trued, I ran parallel straight edges to the loosely lace rear wheel to determine the correct offset and true the rear wheel in the stand. This way the center of both rims are perfectly aligned and the bike rolls smooth, true and handles well.

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