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This is a good motor and frame that I was going to build a custom out of. I am updating some of my musical equipment so I would need to part with something in order to do this.
As most know, the 1965 model did not have a matching frame and motor numbers but this I am confident that the the motor and frame left the factory as a set. The frame is uncut and all original and comes with extras such as the horn and rear brake pedal. The motor has a couple broken fins on the cyl. head but I have a correct year replacement head that goes with it.There are no broken fins on the cylinder. The motor cases are in great shape with no damage.Has the original matching monobloc carbs. The motor was missing the transmission and primary assembly when I bought it but I sourced all these parts and have all the bits in perfect condition ready to reassemble. I am asking $500
Please feel free to email me at [email protected] to discuss this further.

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