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This is a MATCHING NUMBERS and TITLED T120 UK/Home model Bonneville- It's apart but mostly complete with front and rear frame sections, perfect cases with matching belly numbers, perfect alternator primary covers, correct 8-bolt cylinder and dual carb head, Amal Monobloc carbs, nice Lucas K2FC Magneto (still sparks!), very nice correct fenders, battery box and oil tank, solid 3-gallon duplex Bonneville gas tank with tie pump mounts underneath, 19" wheels, and correct forks with dampers. Frame has never been raked or repaired, but rear loop needs to be welded back on. Those of you who know Brit Bikes, know these pre-unit duplex (1960-1962) Bonnevilles look much nicer with their Trophy style fenders and headlight than the '59 nacelle Bonnies. Lots more parts that aren't shown. Don't hesitate to call with any questions.

SOLD! Thanks again Dan!

$4000 with tach drive timing cover and Chronometric speedo and RC1307 tach, or $3000 without.

Here's a few pics of the frame and motor I'm refering to, but all the stock parts mentioned above are included- not what shown in the pics. If you want aftermarket/other parts instead, we can arrange something. Cheers, Pete (619) 804-9669

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