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1962 Panhead build

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Since my 1949 Panhead is on a hold for the moment i turned to the 62 Panhead insted. Have allot of mixed 1955-1967 chassieparts so getting this together isent that hard, but since I got several tanks, swings, fenders and springs, then it's the should I take or that or that issue. The color, Black as always or a Red with white fields? Greazy Black or a Crome swing? Rock hard seat or a orginal pogo? 16" wheels or a 16" and 21" and so on.<O:p</O:p
The oiltank with that giant battery will go, it was on the chassie when I got it(he must had a giantstarter and electrical ignition) and rear discwheel , that front end, to bling for me.<O:p</O:p
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Great bike. Could we hear a bit about the Charger behind it. Always curious when i see one overseas.
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