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The cases are 1961 TR6R, is a bare set of cases and both halves do match. They are in good condition and just need you to provide the crank and other parts. I also have a timing cover for it with correct brass patent plate.

The cases will be boxed up, heavily padded and shipped via the USPS ground rate.

Any questions and or inquiries for pics are welcomed and I can be contacted at:

wwhitjonw AT

$200 shipped CONUS

Frame Has Been******** SOLD


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Possible trades for these 1961 cases -

Trades considered - Could use the following:

OIF 2.5 gallon slimline gas tank "ribbed" top

OIF 2.5 gallon slimline T140 gas tank - seamless top

OIF Chrome front and rear fenders to fit 1971 TR6C or BSA 650

Chrome front & rear fenders for 1970 BSA A50 & A65

Tacho, Speedo and gauge mount for 1970 BSA A50 & A65

Triumph Pre-Unit T110 front wheel with 8" SLS brake & plate -'54 to'56 or '57 I can work with either.

Chronometric Speedo - S433/3 or SC5301/09 - SC5301/03 /23/26 etc.
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