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1960 BSA c-15. Runs well and has no currently known mechanical issues. This bike is in original "survivor" type condition.

Patina, worn paint and chrome. Front tire is newish rear tire should be replaced, but I have no problem buzzing around town on it. Typically a first kick bike. The clutch has been rebuilt, and the inner clutch arm has been rebuilt. The front forks have been rebuilt. The tank has been lined with Caswell. The carb is a new Amal concentric, but the old monobloc comes with the bike if you want it (slide stuck).

The numbers match. The motor is a high compression variant and is stamped "HC." The original fasteners are present on the primary cover, but one is missing. I have a replacement set of stainless allen head bolts for the primary that come with the bike. The battery is good and holds a charge over long periods between rides. I don't have to charge the battery before riding and don't have it on a trickle charger.

This is such a cool freakin' little bike. I have been sitting on the fence about selling it for a couple of years, however I feel it is time to let someone else get their kicks on the umble ceefer.

Clear Texas title in my name.

Cash on pick up.

Here is a video of me kick starting the bike when cold.
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