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CityStuyvesant Falls
Regretably putting my T-Bird project up for sale.

What you see if what you get.
Titled 1959 6T.
Numbers matching frame and cases.
Motor - Lower end complete. Top end is missing pistons (rods wrapped-up to avoid damage), cylinders are junk (i do have a set i will include that may be useable), no pushrod tubes. Iron head looks ok.
Trans- Complete, appears slick shift is still intact. Primary covers are in nice chape.
Frame - Nice, unaltered.

I will help you ship this, but the cost will be on the buyer. I could possibly arrange to get this to the Oley PA swap in two week. If you are in the New England/NYC area, we could work out delivery.

Looking for $1800. I would entertain full or partial trades (looking for a sprotster project)

I also have a Wassell Peanut tank, ribbed fender, 16" and 21" wheels that I could work into the deal if you're interested.

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