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Hey guys!

Trying like hell to finish this thing for Born Free. I've been going hard the last couple of months.

It's been tough starting with the bike the way it came. It needed a lot! I posted up my near free bike a while back. It gots its revenge on me though... Jesus.

At Keith's picking up some parts on my way back from getting the bike.

I got the engine and tranny out. And Master Yoda saw that it was good.



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Prepping the engine for a later 650 crank(thanks Tony).

This iron head needed repair and some sandblasting love.

Used our machine shop to make custom sump plates.

Rechromed fork legs. New bushings.

Tranny ripped apart to get all new bushings/seal.

Head repaired and looks aluminum now.


Filling mystery holes in the frame with Chris.

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I went nuts and cut the cap off of an unusable BSA 441 Victor tank. Then cut my British wassell. The 2 will become one. After I cut down the flange on the BSA cap.

Slight mock up. Just got the rear tire in. So I can get the fender mounted. Then blow shit apart for powdercoating.

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Bought this tank from Keith a while back. This cap was in a scrappy part bin. I liked it. I was also working on this thing topless. No big deal.

Ryan saved my life and timed this thing. I have no idea how to do this crap... He did this and put my tranny back together at his Tiger Shack.

I totally got in over my head. And only gave him a couple days to do it in.


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Thanks everyone! This bike has been tough. The chrome shop chromed threads... Keith's passing has made getting the right parts and good advice difficult.

I was supposed to get the frame and fender back yesterday, now it's Monday because grease came out and ruined the powder coating. apparently, they're not used to motorbike frames.

Looks great love to see the finished product.Born Free maybe?
I'll be trying my hardest. If I would have gotten the frame back yesterday, I could start this thing today. Now I'm pushed back into next week, and I have a job I have to work around. I may call in sick.

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Man... Up until 1:30 am last night. The orange color isn't really popping in the artificial light. The pearl is not coming out. I swear it's not the tangerine dream it looks like.

These iron heads are a beast. I really appreciate the alloy heads. Even the pain in the ass pre unit rocker box/head combo is much quicker than this beast.

Had some rocker boxes lying around that gave their organs to a good cause.

Doing a solo mission on the fork by using a ratchet strap. An extra set of hands helps a lot.

Tranny in... I kind of miss my unit bikes here as well...

Got this oil tank from Keith (RIP). The cap was in one of his misc. random part bins.

Stopping point. I get my sissy bar, seat bracket, and license plate/tail light mount back from chrome today.

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