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1949 Ural Shovelhead

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Now thats a wild idea. Anyone from Norway know something about it, saw an add on it....
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Never seen anything like that but would love to seem some more detailed pictures of it..Talk about different....
the second I saw the title "ural shovelhead" I thought norway
No better way to get my attention than a thread with that title. Post above is right on. Someplace with long cold winters.
I bet it turns left more readily than it turns right...and I'd keep an eye on it as it idles on the kickstand.
I think there's a cylinder on the other side guys
That was the assumption.

I was thinking rotating mass like a BMW boxer motor, and kickstand pole-vaulting like a Moto Guzzi.
Where do our legs go ? Over the handlebars?
Since i saw the ad in from someone in Norway awile ago, i wonderd if someone got that working like a bike that you can ride down the road and turn right and left and all that... Still look like someone got an idea and got the motor working and then discovered hell this frame wont work, i sell it. Must be someone here from norway that know of this wild build...
now that's some crazy cool shit, like to see more
Looks cool alot of machine work.
Maybe reverse roation .Carbs mounted at the exhuast ports. Exhuast out the intake ports.:rolleyes:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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