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1942 WLC build

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I thought i'd summarize my first build here for everyone who's interested.

Unfortunately i must have done something wrong and the computer killed everything
i typed for the last 20mins.
So i start over, and this time i try short posts.


Sooo, i decided to get a new project 2 years ago and i wanted it to be two-wheeld this time.
I got onto everyone's nerves here for quite some time and then found something of interest. I didn't think too long because i knew i'd buy it anyway, and bought it.

Here's what i got:

edit: the board keeps telling me my message would be too short. i don't think so?
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thank you folks, means a lot. :)
thanks, guys! :)

and jaws....
is it just me or did you leave the mind control beer device on again..? :D
You honestly think I would turn it off? It's always set on "build cool shit".:D
i really like this bike, I want a 45 so badly despite the fact I would look like a bear on a unicycle riding it. Good work
just went through this thread again and have a question: How come you did not relieve the cylenders?
the engine is pretty much stock in this stage.
the engine guy just added hastings pistons,
removed baffle plates and i put the 6:1 heads and magneto on.
thought i'd rather ride it first before i blow money in search of HP.
but i'm pretty sure i will some day...
cool, how do you find the power from the stock-ish motor?
the engine is pretty much stock in this stage.
the engine guy just added hastings pistons,
removed baffle plates and i put the 6:1 heads and magneto on.
thought i'd rather ride it first before i blow money in search of HP.
but i'm pretty sure i will some day...
You said it your self with out even knowing it:D
DAMN! :eek::D hehehehe.

guess that serves me right for hijacking your thread with rivets and stuff :rolleyes:

Prosimex: well, it's definitely not fast, but it's loads of fun.
i'm running a 33 tooth main sprocket and cruise 50-55mph pretty smooth.

Now go ask Elffors why he's going through all the madness, hehehe
I see where Elffors is going.....

Forced induction. Hehehe
small update...
i tinkered with some exhaust ideas and built a WR style turnout.
quite loud... so nothing for long trips and neither for inner city traffic,
to be honest. too much attention by the wrong people when you wait hours
for the lights to turn green...
otherwise it works fine. ;)

afterwards i thought i'd build another one and came up with this,
basically the whole thing was just for practicing my welding...
but i kind of like it and i think i'll run it like this for some time.

i'll have to do a lot more excercise on welding pipes,
but it was fun and i'd like to build a dual exhaust
with the rear pipe crossing over under the trans
to run a second fishtail maybe. let's see what spring brings... :)
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I like the new pipe!
got some work done on the bike over the winter.

since i had some troubles with the primary and the clutch over the last years
i decided to go for a belt drive.
before i did the conversion i tore the tranny apart to check the wear and
put some fresh bushings in i skipped the last time (around 15000km ago)...

shift lever bushings...


back in the frame, got my old inner primary cover from the shelf
and put it back in for belt protection.

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prepared for mounting the new clutch and belt drive.

it's an HMB system, extremely well machined, very light and hi-tech
(and extremely out of place on my machine, harrharr...)
but it will be fully concealed in the end, so function over beauty here.

put things in place...

all worked like a charm.
now for some serious cleaning of the primary cover.

put spacers under the service lids to allow some breathing.

aaaaaand in the end you can't see a thing :)

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so hopefully i'll be back on the road soon after some more service work,
adjust neck bearing, service wheel bearings, things like that.

in last november or december the bike got a nice little spread in
a small german magazine called "Kustom Life Magazine" i thought i'd share here:

now back to wrenching :)
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Well done congratulations on the mag coverage!
Awesome!!! How does the new drive feel? Much different?

Can I ask where you got your headlight and what size it is? I want a bigger one for my pan but can't find something suitable!
thanks guys :)

Jaws, i haven't ridden it yet since i got to do some other small work first,
and generally, work is killing me here, but i guess it's going to be smooth!
it's originally designed for hand clutch conversion and to use it with the
original foot rocker i have to make some little alterations there.
clutch travel is way shorter now and it engages pretty agressively,
but it'll be no problem to fix that.

rhysmort, as far as i know that is a factory WL unit from '38 to '50something...
someone with more knowledge should chime in there to confirm that.
they're widely available as repops, i think. it's 6 1/2 inches or 170mm for us.
An interesting read on the resurrection and correction of the WLC's lifetime of use, misuse, and crummy maintenance. You probably thought it was in decent shape from its outward appearance, and it did have that "twenty-feet" aura of respectability, while stationary and non-running, from your report.

Glad you had the deep pockets, friends, and time to get it squared-away, and that your continued use is making you continue to get other issues addressed.

Her are some pics from my friend the machinist of a WLA crankcase he's doing some restoration to. "God may save souls, but he saves cases." You can see the oil filer plug hole needs repair. The guy who owns this one has other WLA's, he's in south Florida. The machinist is a second-generation one, he and his father used to work for famous Crane Cams. I knew Harvey Crane, he was a real entrepreneur. He moved the business to Daytona Beach FL from south Florida, and then sold it, I believe it's now part of Mr. Gasket Co. I'm including a couple of pics of wheels the machinist made for me for my bikes, he widened them and increased the diameters. The weld-up is 5-1/2" X 17" and the bolt-up is 5-1/2" X 18".

Thanks for taking the time to take good pics and to document your work, it makes a great story to follow.


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