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1942 WLC build

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I thought i'd summarize my first build here for everyone who's interested.

Unfortunately i must have done something wrong and the computer killed everything
i typed for the last 20mins.
So i start over, and this time i try short posts.


Sooo, i decided to get a new project 2 years ago and i wanted it to be two-wheeld this time.
I got onto everyone's nerves here for quite some time and then found something of interest. I didn't think too long because i knew i'd buy it anyway, and bought it.

Here's what i got:

edit: the board keeps telling me my message would be too short. i don't think so?
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Love this stuff.

I've never had a 45 apart. This is very fun.
I kinda like that front fender as a real addition.

This is a sick little bike. Loving the whole thing.
I really like this build. So sanitary.
In this instance, I'm sure the poster was using it to mean clean, organized and not loaded with junk it doesn't need. No loose wires dangling, no ugly brackets that kind of clean. Question for you now. What's this special oil that dries hard you were speaking of?
He means clean. but the word is worn out.
70's expression -means a clean build. Also found as the abreviation "sano"
Yes, yup, exactamundo!
Well done!

What are you building next?
You'll get it.

alot of black smoke? Like a locomotive, but not at idle?
So why so many turns out on the high and low needles/jets?

I thought that setting was for larger cube motors, ya know 61-80's

I was thinking for the 45 it was like 2 for low and 1.5 for high or something.. I know there was a thread on it here...

Doesn't sound like you have an air leak, more waaaaaaaay to rich.

IF the timing is retarded it will labor also, essentially acting the same. If the timing of the mag once running is set right. I think like 35 or 36 degrees if memory serves. Then the issue is going to be fuel and how it's choking to death.
Waiting to hear the good news brah.
Very cool. Keep an eye on the plugs.

That is a great looking bike. I bet in person it looks even better.
I was thinking about this bike the other day, and it donned on me that we never heard if it was running right.

Is it?
The check ball needs seated, really common. He's right the more you ride it the better it will be, but if it sits.....puke.

Keep and eye on the oil bag.

There are lots of ways to seat that check ball. I'm sure you can find a way you like.

Fouling plugs and tuning go hand in hand. Great work!!!
I know on the big twins, my shovels for sure, that the check ball in the pump if not seated will sump just like that. And will puke oil out the breather as well until clear. Next time it sits and the ball isn't seated, again with the oil spill.

I made a tool and it has served me and whomever has it now well...

Ill make another.

I cant say for sure your 45 has the same design pump check valve. I assume it has some sort of anti-sumping drain back valve thing.
If you pulled the pump off and took a ball bearing the same size as your check ball and welded it to a stick (what I made for mine. Only I tap it. Well now I don't cause it got borrowed by someone). You could use some lapping compound and re-seat the seat.

You must overly clean the pump afterwards. I mean super duper pooper scooper clean. Don't want the compound going through your motor. (same care if it was machined professionally) You could do this in the garage.
IF you haven't changed the oil from the fresh rebuild, could be some of the material hanging it open.

I didn't see a filter, that's why I'm saying this.

Might pull the return line off the bag and run some clean quarts through the system to flush it out.

Could do that for the next few oil changes till she's good and broke in.
This little machine is neato! Enjoy brother. Many miles to you.
thanks, guys! :)

and jaws....
is it just me or did you leave the mind control beer device on again..? :D
You honestly think I would turn it off? It's always set on "build cool shit".:D
I see where Elffors is going.....

Forced induction. Hehehe
Awesome!!! How does the new drive feel? Much different?
Done yet?
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