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1929 Harley JDH 2 Cam

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Short video of a rare 1929 Harley JDH 2 cam motorcycle.

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Enjoyed it Buzz...thanks... very interesting...I'd never heard of that particular bike...
pretty cool scoot Buzz, got a clip of it running?
+1 on a clip of it running :)

sure is a beauty!
Good stuff Buzz!
Good stuff Buzz!
+1 ...what are youdoin with the '25 J?
Buzz, thanks again for another great and informative video. Would love to see that bike in the flesh one day. Good luck with the rebuild. Will you be documenting it anywhere?
No comments?
There is no doubt that is a nice bike, there is another one over at Kings Cycle here in the city of Orange, CA.
damn buzz i was so waiting to hear that thing roar to life!
Nice tour around your twin cam! Will you be shooting video of the rebuild? WTT maybe?
Dang some guys have all the luck! That is one fine machine keep us all posted on progress
Wow Buzz thanks for sharing . Hope you find time to keep us posted on the rebuild.
Buzz, Your videos are a treat. Thank you.
I shot that first video freezing my fingers in the snow. We could not get it to run for more than a few seconds before it died so I did not video it. After that video I took it to Dale Walksler at Wheels Through Time and we did get it running (ignition issues) and will post video soon. The bike is all apart now getting rebuilt for the Motorcycle Cannonball coast to coast ride in September. Videos to follow and you can read about it in American Iron Magazine in a few months.
Great bike!
First video of my 1929 Harley JDH "2 cam" running with the back-up single cam motor. This is the bike I plan to ride across the US on the Motorcycle Cannonball ride in September 2012. We have been following the build of this bike in the pages of American Iron Magazine. Quick walk around and then fire it up. Sounds Great!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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