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Rode out to Lime Rock Park in CT yesterday. One car was powered by a 1938 British J A P V twin. ran on alky. Car went pretty well, beat half the cars in it's class.

Nice riding out in the hills and even went over a covered bridge on the way home. Whole album at
Ray in CT

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New guy here.

Ray, thanks for posting those pics. Absolutely beautiful machine. I saw that Morgan at NHIS last year at the combo USCRA vintage bike/vintage racecar event. I got the chance to talk to the owner at length, because we shared garage space.

Guy claimed the engine was built by Phil Irving (later of Vincent fame) back in the day. The guy sells a bike about tuning Vincents that you can see at the Eurospares site. The transmission on the Morgan is really cool. It has two speeds and shifts like a bicycle. There are two pulleys, large and small, and the operator (rider? driver?) shifts the drive belt between the two pulleys.

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