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  1. The Board
    Can anyone tell me the stock length of the front forks for a 1969 xlh and how to measure it?
  2. Wanted
    Like the title says... Lookin' for a pipe for my daughter's 75th Anniversery bike. Have scored the correct (hopefully!) muffler and bracket; need the pipe (#14) shown in the pic below: Hopefully someone out there's got this part kicking around; it's the last part I need to finish my...
  3. The Board
    74 Ironhead - Removing rear Fork question? (SOLVED) (Added pic of hardtail) I hate starting new posts but couldn't find an answer in the search. Anyone have any tips on removing the rear fork from an old sporty (74 FLHI mean XLH)? I removed everything I thought I needed too. Pulled the pin and...
1-3 of 3 Results