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  1. The Board
    Hoping someone could shed some light on the internals for this hub. I'm going to lace it into a 16" Harley rim but need to order internals for it as it only has the bearings and sleeve. I gather it's a unit bolt up hub and it needs 3/4" x 20tpi...
  2. The Board
    I'm currently lacing stock front and rear hubs to 18"/19" stainless devon rims. Buchanan has confirmed my lacing is correct. After dishing the wheel to center it (david bird 4" stretch?2"drop hardtail), I have too much spoke protruding in the drive side. Buchanan spokes have 5/8" of thread...
  3. Wanted
    I'm looking for a Mid Star Hub or a complete 18" wheel on a mid star hub. Thanks, Vins
  4. The Board
    I'm looking to swap out my stock 16" rear wheel for a new 18" rear rim for my sportster. HD owners, what is the largest rim diameter that will fit without having to mod anything? I'm looking to go for something between a 3.50-4.25" wide rear rim.
  5. Wanted
    Wanted: Pre 72 Narrow Glide Front End w/ Drum and 21" Wheel for a Big Twin. Also looking for complete riser/handlebar/controls setup.
  6. Wanted
    Looking for a rear wheel to go on a '50 ridged. or any parts, rim, hub, brake drum or brake parts. I scrored a 50 pan but missing rear wheel.
  7. Parts For Sale
    City42701StateKYPrice$150Shovel dual flange wheel complete - $150 +shipping $150 plus shipping
  8. Parts For Sale
    CityseattleStateWAPricein adplease delete please delete
  9. The Board
    Hey Guys, Just wondering if someone could help me out. Bought these BSA forks off eBay and fitting them to my pre-unit triumph. I am just having some trouble cos I am not sure what type of BSA they are and I can't seem to find a wheel to fit. The diameter of the hole where my axel goes through...
  10. Parts For Sale
    CityNew PaltzStateNYPrice$75Prices don't include shipping, but I can bring anything to the Rhinebeck meet this Saturday or Sunday. First is a chromed conical hub with a 16" Harley rim and chrome spokes. It has a brand new Dunlop tire on it. Chrome is in pretty good shape with a few minor spots...
1-10 of 11 Results