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  1. Event Announcements
    This is the LARGEST vintage bike event in the US. Top-Shelf museum, huge swap meet, vintage racing all weekend, tech seminars, wall of death, globe of death. Here is a link to the facility/event: Angry Monkey Motorcycles will have a...
  2. The Board
    Some friends and I went down to the Vintage Motorcycle races at the New Jersey Motorsport Park yesterday. My first time going to this type of race in person. I have two questions. 1) If anyone else was there, did you get a picture of that blue Triumph chopper? It was really nice. 2) In...
  3. Event Announcements
    Vintage motorcycle racing all weekend, Incredible Museum, huge swap, camping, wall of death, general shenanigans, and more, at Barber's Motorsports Park in Leeds AL October 10-13. What other JJ members are planning to attend? I'll be camping in upper D lot, and be on this bike. I hope to see...
  4. The Board
    Just came up on a nice little parts lot in Kenosha, and I was wondering what in the heck these fenders might be. See if you guys can help me out. The last bicycle looking ones say made in England on the underside.
  5. Event Announcements
    Annual Vintage Motocross and Trials event in Crooked River Ranch Oregon. I didn't get a chance to stay and watch the race last year, but there were some awesome vintage race bikes. BSA's , Matchless, Triumph, at least a few dozen brands of 2 stroke bikes , and one old guy haulin'n @$$ on a...
  6. Event Announcements
    New Jersey Motorsport's Park will be hosting the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Festival August 2nd-4th, of 2013. The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Ltd. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to restoring and competing on classic motorcycles. With about...
  7. Event Announcements
    BUY, SELL or SWAP! FREE Admission FREE Parking Check out this video to see what you've been missing: The areas ONLY traditional old school swap meet with just motorcycle & hot rod parts. No jewelry & leather vendors, insurance agencies, crafts, peek-a-boo dolls…..none of the shit you...
  8. Event Announcements
    Saturday, October 27, 2012 = Hell on Wheels Halloween Hillclimb and Calendar release party - Glenn Helen MX Park (18585 Verdemont Ranch Road, San Bernardino, CA 92407) More info and Entry Forms at:
  9. Parts For Sale
    Citys. chicagoStateilPricein adFrame is a 48 that has an after market up n out neck. Came from a local that was a chopper fiend in the 60-70's. the one down tube is bent. I was going to replace with a stock casting neck and turn back to stock. both foot controls are there. trans plate and engine...
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  11. Misc. For Sale
    CitySacramentoStateCAPrice80Both sold. Thanks dorks.
  12. The Board
    So I did it. I went and bought a shovel motor, frame, and a bunch of other stuff off dude. He said the engine was pretty much re-build except for the pistons and it needs lifters and gaskets on the lifter blocks. Now this is all what he says needs to be done but who knows until it gets pulled...
  13. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hello. My name is Todd. I own several Honda CB's. My main project is a 1976 CB750K bratstyle bobber. I also have a 1974 CB350 that is currently not running (I give up!!). I also have (most of) a 1982 CB750 that I plan on chopping up a bit. Here is my baby!! The rear fender is a sportster fender...
  14. The Board
    This past Friday and Saturday, the Fort Sutter chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America hosted it's annual affair at the Dixon Fairgrounds. As always, cool old bikes and a solid swap meet. Lots of old flatheads, knucks, pans, Indians and the most beautiful Crocker I've ever seen. It has...
  15. Parts For Sale
    CityNew PaltzStateNYPrice$150Sold
  16. The Board
    Dont know if anyone has seen this yet but pretty intresting...
1-17 of 20 Results