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  1. The Board
    hello forum and thanks in advance for any insight, advice, words of admnoshiment or even encouragement moving forward etc im not that familiar with engine work and am looking for some advice on what to look for here pulled my '59 triumph out of the garage friday night and changed out the oil...
  2. The Board
    Been busy with this project, built this fuel engine for Bonneville. It is an Ironhead that will run on 98%. I redesigned the entire head, raised floors/roof, paralel D shaped exhaust ports, multi angle seats. Lots of brazing and welding... The exhaust ports flow 10% more than my previous...
  3. Jock Shops
    Located in North Hollywood, CA, Franz and Grubb Engine specializes in engines and mechanical parts for vintage Triumph motorcycles. This allows us to concentrate on what we regard as the most important part of any motorcycle. We believe in top quality work within a reasonable time frame, at a...
1-3 of 3 Results