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  1. The Board
    Hey Maties, I am rebuilding an incomplete '52 Speed Twin and am ordering parts to complete the motor. I expected to find a cush drive on the end of the crank and that is what the manual told me to expect BUT there is no capacity to acheive this! I thought Oh ho I have a '55 Tiger Crank Shaft...
  2. The Board
    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the history of this bike. Raced in San Francisco/California up to around about 1989.
  3. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hey every one, my name is Karl. Im in Las Vegas and just picked up my second motorcycle/ first project bike. I use to build bikes in East Troy WI at the Buell Motorcycle Company. I bought a 1963 T100 bobber project last week. This bike came with a mess of parts including a second motor that is...
  4. The Board
    Hey everyone ive just finished a build of a 68 triumph daytona 500 with hardtail custom oil tank from tfmw etc..... My problem is bike was running perfectly fine before i pulled it down now with new oil tank plumbed up fired it up first time and it got warm then it spat the oil line off the...
1-4 of 4 Results