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  1. The Board
    I'm currently lacing stock front and rear hubs to 18"/19" stainless devon rims. Buchanan has confirmed my lacing is correct. After dishing the wheel to center it (david bird 4" stretch?2"drop hardtail), I have too much spoke protruding in the drive side. Buchanan spokes have 5/8" of thread...
  2. The Board
    Hello all, Years ago I bought a '66 TR6C to restore. At the time I thought someone had taken off the original lights, so I was shopping around for those parts. During the initial work on the bike, I noticed that it didn't have a battery, but it still started and ran fine!. It confused me...
  3. The Board
    Major Newbee. Not living up to my name... My 67tr6c keeps dying on me, when I take off & hear it dying I try to give it more gas but just splutters & dies. BTW, first ride today, started off ok, some back firing then the above, must have kicked it over, 100+ times all day :mad: It idles ok...
1-3 of 3 Results