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  1. The Board
    Hey guys. I'm in the middle of buying some new tools. All my other bikes have been metric, so my tool collection is more biased towards those. I have an A/F socket and spanner set, but when I started my strip down, I've noticed they don't cover everything. I've checked my manuals, and...
  2. The Board
    My previous thread "Rigid Triumph with Suzuki front end" has had comments about the photo of the piston spot lights I made from some old Harley pistons to light up the workbench so Im posting information here in case anyone wants to make their own. I started with a pair of Harley pistons...
  3. The Board
    Base gasket blew the other day on my FXR. Figured since I have it apart I'll hop up the hp while I'm inside, Pistons, Cam, Valves etc. Can anybody recommend a specific brand/tool for pulling and reinstalling the press fit wrist pins? Perhaps what brands to Avoid? I'm hoping to avoid...
1-4 of 4 Results