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  1. Wanted
    I am needing a street titled 1968 Triumph Trophy 250 - TR25W frame. If you have more than that, and it is cheap enough, I may be interested in that as well. I would like to end up with two or three of these titled bikes at some point. I am not looking for a mint bike, as I am going to use a...
  2. The Board
    I am building a Triumph T100C with mismatched numbers. Does anyone have info on how the California DMV might handle the title year once it is complete? I thought I'd ask here before getting the runaround down there.
  3. Parts For Sale
    CityLeipsicStateOhioPrice$1,6501975 Harley Davidson FL frame with nice hardtail job. Ohio title in my name in hand. Titled as Harley Davidson, not spec construction. This is an oem frame that was hartailed nicely. No registration hassle for your custom rigid knucklehead panhead or shovelhead...
  4. The Board
    Mods, shit can this post if this is inappropriate for the forum or discussed elsewhere. I can't find it! I have an unusual uh.. hypothetical situation.. Say you have acquired a historic paper title for a Harley-Davidson 1941 FL. You went to the local DMV and got it transferred into your name...
1-4 of 4 Results