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  1. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hey gang, I've been reading all the great advice that you guys have been offering from your experience. I've been into bikes and riding for over 20 years now and have a garage full of them. I've restored bikes to factory condition but never actually built one the way I want it to look. I've...
  2. New? Introduce yourself here!
    I can't peg this frame. the post is different than most and so are the motor/ tranny mount positions. It is stamped with an R after the serial number. I believe it was a 1956 number. Oh yes, I am a new member, long time lurker.
  3. The Board
    Ok, so I have tried querying a few people with Triumph backgrounds regarding these three questions, and have received mixed responses - help: 1. Is the crank on a 68 and newer T100c the same as a 68 and up T100r? If yes, then can they be swapped. If no, can you still have a t100c crank...
1-3 of 3 Results