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  1. The Board
    Hey all, I recently picked up a 79 FXEF80 dressed as an FLH and imported it into Australia. As you are probably aware old Harleys or actually any Harleys for that matter are ridiculously expensive here in Australia. Anyway, I've wanted a shovel for a long time and I've finally got one. I...
  2. The Board
    Hey all, I'm new here, currently building my 79 FXEF-80. I've been given a 45 springer by my dad, it was being used on a Triumph he picked up recently. He's not keen to use it on his build but I would like to run it on mine. I've heard people say that if you are running the swingarm you would...
  3. Bikes For Sale
    CitymilwaukeeStatewiPrice5500obo1995 Wideglide with 67,200 miles on it. Bike has Boss Bag quick detach saddle bags.with extra rear pouches.....less than 1000 miles on front and rear tires... wheels were repacked and new seals done at that time along with brakes. GMA front and rear calipers along...
  4. The Board
    Hi, I did not think of any better to place to ask about my 535cc enfield's swingarm extension. Iam considering of extending my 535cc Royal Enfield's swingarm by 6 inchs,it would make it more stable and would effect the handling but how much overall power loss and decrease in pick up speed...
  5. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hello Everyone, Im Arjun from New Delhi.Seem to end up here when im searching for some ideas for my bobber so I finally signed up. Like riding bikes a lot,old school kinds triumphs,royal enfields,nortons and heavy metal music.I own 2 enfields,a stock 1996 350cc bullet and a 2001 535cc Egli...
  6. The Board
    I just saw this on the Dice Magazine site. It looks pretty damn cool. Anyone have any better pictures or info on it? I'm especially curious as to how the sissy bar is mounted. Off the struts?
1-6 of 6 Results