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  1. The Board
    Anyone recognize this survivor Knucklehead chopper? I picked up the frame, a Fury springer fork, '36-'39 Knucklehead trans, and misc parts at an auction in Indiana last week. MORE PICS HERE From a comment on instagram, someone said they recognize it and that it was in Street Chopper back in...
  2. The Board
    Just figured I'd show this sweet '59 survivor up I just picked up, was told it was chopped 40 years ago or so and been sitting for the last 20. Can't wait to get her ripping!! Needs a little engine work done and some wiring etc..., not sure if anyone knows a good old Brit shop in eastern or...
  3. Parts For Sale
    CityClancyStateMtPricevariesIf you are looking for that hero status, here is your chance.. old, crusty, and ready to make you look awesome.. Molded survivor Panhead chopper project. Really hate to sell this thing, but I am oh so close to finishing up the construction on my new shop and these...
1-3 of 4 Results