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  1. Misc. For Sale
    CityDirtyStateJerseyPrice$254 Street Chopper Builders Guides on CD. Custom Front Ends & Wheels Chopper Styling Frame & Tank Modifications Building Your Own Trike Hi-res scans in searchable PDF format. Great info that is still relevant today. $25 shipped US, $30 everywhere else. PayPal is...
  2. Misc. For Sale
    CityPortsmouthStateVAPrice$60Lot of 9 Vintage Custom Chopper, Big Bike and Street Chopper Mags. All in VGC, one has loose cover. Most from 70s. Price: $60 shipped in the lower 48. PM or email me if interested. [email protected] Here's the breakdown. Custom Chopper: March 1973 Custom...
1-2 of 2 Results