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  1. Event Announcements
    So our car club, The Driven Dead CC, got asked to be a part of the annual Portland Roadster show. With that we get free reign of what we want in our part of the convention center. The car show or club puts on, The Rose City Round-up is pre '65 American car/trucks and pre 1980 motorcycles. It'd...
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    pics here.....
  3. The Board
    Went to my first Bike Swapmeet today. Met up with Tony the Torch and his son at their booth. There were lots of cool bikes and stuff. Can't believe what can be had for less than $5k. Plus all the oddball brands,Matchless,PUCH,Hodaka,Simplex,ALS,DKW,....They were sooooo cool! Hope you like my pic's
  4. The Board
    This past Friday and Saturday, the Fort Sutter chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America hosted it's annual affair at the Dixon Fairgrounds. As always, cool old bikes and a solid swap meet. Lots of old flatheads, knucks, pans, Indians and the most beautiful Crocker I've ever seen. It has...
1-4 of 4 Results