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  1. Bikes For Sale
    CityMacungieStatePAPrice11000Titled as a 2011 American Classic. Rigid Kraftech frame, 37° rake, 3° trees. Harley-Davidson Evolution 80" crate motor, CV carb. Five speed, electric start. Internally wired bars, chrome everywhere. Mint condition with crazy-low mileage; just 1,400 miles on this...
  2. The Board
    Working on installing a new stator and I've gotten the compensator nut off and the clutch hub nut off but can't find a good explanation for pulling the clutch hub. I'm looking for a good video on my whole process here or just the clutch hub but I can't find shit.
  3. The Board
    Hi guys - starting another build thread as the other one got a bit off topic. Here is what I started with. An ugly ass 1980 FLT that had been sitting for about 15 years, I had it running within 24 hours of owning it and it runs nice. Will need a repair on the rear head due to the previous owner...
  4. The Board
    I am getting get bad plug fouling in my 75 Super Glide. Both before and after rebuild. She runs/starts OK more or less despite the fouling, mostly thanks to the Daytona Twin Tech 1005 ignition (which I am very happy with). She always fouled plugs before the rebuild, regardless of my riding...
  5. Bikes For Sale
    CitySFVStateCAPrice7500Sold sold sold
  6. Parts For Sale
    CityolneyStatemdPrice175Have a brand new set of wiseco pistons part # k1609 pan/shovel pistons3 7/16 bore. I believe they are 9.0 comp. new in box. 175tyd pp fees included Sifton polished oil pump new in box part number 12-9969 fits 36-72. $175 tyd pp fees included. Also have some New jims...
  7. Parts For Sale
    CityHillsboroStateILPrice1200/tradeCNC machined billilt evo style heads up to 127 cu inch. Large bore bolt pattern, Already machined with compression release holes, ready to go. I think these would fit on an ultima big bore bottom end and likely an s&s big bore bottom. Know what you're getting...
  8. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hey all, I'm a long time lurker here at the Journal and am getting ready to start posting about my 71 Shovel. I've had it for about 5 years now and have had it running off and on but am getting ready to start riding it full time so I'll be spending more time and effort on it. I've learned alot...
  9. The Board
    So I did it. I went and bought a shovel motor, frame, and a bunch of other stuff off dude. He said the engine was pretty much re-build except for the pistons and it needs lifters and gaskets on the lifter blocks. Now this is all what he says needs to be done but who knows until it gets pulled...
  10. Parts For Sale
    CityLeipsicStateOhioPrice$1,6501975 Harley Davidson FL frame with nice hardtail job. Ohio title in my name in hand. Titled as Harley Davidson, not spec construction. This is an oem frame that was hartailed nicely. No registration hassle for your custom rigid knucklehead panhead or shovelhead...
  11. Wanted
    looking for a skinny Shovel open primary..kick only application
  12. Parts For Sale
    CitySTLStateMOPrice1500Pretty much exactly what it says. Decent job grafting the two together. I guess you could run it as is, or use the rear section for a resto. I have the rear tank mounts too, they were cut off by the guy I got it from. Looking for $1500 obo
1-12 of 14 Results