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  1. The Board
    You might've seen it before, but here we go. 1. Let out air from tyre 2. Place a deck of cards all the way around, wedgede in between rim and tyre 3. When done on one side, flip over wheel, and place on a bucket, and repeat on the other side. 4. The panit will cover the whole rim, right...
  2. Parts For Sale
    CityCottage HillsStateILPrice220*SOLD*21" WM1 Dunlop NOS rim *SOLD* Gotta get rid of this awesome New Old Stock 21 inch WM1 Dunlop rim. 40 hole. Buchanans Spoke and Rim company told me it can be laced to any spool hub from approximately 2.5-4 inches in diameter. I am using a stock 68 triumph...
1-2 of 2 Results