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  1. The Board
    This is my first "rebuilt" panhead engine. It was rebuilt by Steve McBath, up in NJ. The engine looked awesome! I moved to NC before finishing the rest of the bike. I had a local shop clean up some of my mistakes, disassemble and paint the bike, and put it back together. They had it for...
  2. The Board
    Hi guys, Building a '55 T110 bobber from a set of fleaBay matching # cases and frame. Had a seized '58 T110 motor knocking about that I assume the previous owner had stored in a swamp. Finally got the cases apart to get at the crank and cams and the cams don't match each other. I've got a...
  3. The Board
    :Dim posting these pics of my solid/?hybrid lifters.. because ive been told they should not be used in rebuild by some... and others say that they are still good. @ the moment i understand that solid lifters are good for high rpm performance apps...
1-3 of 4 Results