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  1. The Board
    and by how much? I'm at the pointy end with this I sell it? or keep it?, Do I rake it? I'm liking it stock at the moment, maybe with ape hangers? It has a TMWF rear end that is stretched 4 and dropped 2.5...very nice stance and super low while the motor is a Speedtwin with a 4 fin...
  2. The Board
    Hey everyone, pretty new to the site. I think this is my first post, can't remember... Been a while since I've been on. Anyway I've got a 67 Triumph 650 motor and a frame that I found on craigslist. The bike here is what I want to turn my pile of parts into. Can anybody tell me frame dimensions...
  3. The Board
    First of all, here is a couple of pics of my bike. Pretty different from what it looked like last time I posted any pictures. Now, about how much room should I have between my tire and lower tree on the springer? I dont have much at all when the trail seems to be correct. Distance from tire...
1-3 of 4 Results