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  1. Parts For Sale
    CityNorfolkStateUKPrice£60I have a primary chain, crank gear and clutch gear for sale. Please see pics. I also have a working stator and rotor if anyone is interested. Happy to ship to anywhere. Thanks, Dan.
  2. The Board
    Hola Everyone. Bought myself a XLH 1000, 1974 last year. Shes been under the knife for a year now, and are almost good to go. -Exhaust made from drag pipes, with heat wrap. -Kick conversion -DIY Candy red flake Paint -rebuild master brake cylinder -new OEM clutch ass, switched from Mike's...
  3. The Board
    Ok so I'm helping a friend out with his 78 Bonny 750. Getting things wrappedUp and begin to fire her up. Adjusting what needs done. Clutch was one thing that needed going over have the primary case off was Balancing the clutch plate and the next day there is a puddle of oil on the ground...
  4. The Board
    Well I might have stuffed up big time. I bought this chain and it was quite a few links to big so I cut it down to about 70 links and then I cut 1 more link off of it because it was too sloppy. Now it's at about 68 links and the thing is super tight and I might need to adjust the gearbox a...
  5. The Board
    I was bopping around eBay to see if anybody was selling what I need. I saw this bike (180701075346) with a gear primary drive. Has anybody ever seen one in person? I imagine it would be noisy (whine of gears). Whats the story behind this setup? Anybody know?
  6. Parts For Sale
    CityNiagara FallsStateNYPricein add1966 500c complete inner primary drive , clutch basket , pulley, new chain, ramp adjuster, pressure plate.. I will even throw in good clutch plates/steels and a stator and rotor . Very good condition ready to go , all you need is the stock bearing and the...
  7. Wanted
    looking for a skinny Shovel open primary..kick only application
1-7 of 7 Results