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  1. The Board
    Hey guys, I'm helping a buddy out with a few things and I need some advice on painting the lower fork legs... is there anything I need to take into consideration when painting Aluminium??? Need to use a special primer? Powder Coating is good but he is on a low budget this winter. Any paint...
  2. Parts For Sale
    CitySaskatoonStateSaskatchewanPrice800So only a week away and you forgot to build a bike for Born Free 3? What a dumb-ass. Well, no worries. Just bolt this vintage survivor onto your stock bike and you'll be the Belle of the Ball. Vintage Tracy Fiberglass Works body kit with amazing...
  3. The Board
    You might've seen it before, but here we go. 1. Let out air from tyre 2. Place a deck of cards all the way around, wedgede in between rim and tyre 3. When done on one side, flip over wheel, and place on a bucket, and repeat on the other side. 4. The panit will cover the whole rim, right...
  4. The Board
    What am I doing wrong? Every time I bondo something then paint it, the bondo looks dull. Am I not sanding the bondo with fine enough sand paper? I used 220 on the tank below. Not waiting long enough before painting the bondo? How long should I wait? The paint looks good on the bare metal...
  5. The Board
    Can anyone do this type of custom paint with modern paint?
1-5 of 6 Results