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  1. The Board
    Hi all, I'm slowly piecing together a 1955 Triumph T110 engine. Just wondering if anyone has detailed info on the pressure relief valve springs E2788 and the short one E2789. I want to check what the lengths should be? I can find data on the later unit engine without the tell tale, but not the...
  2. The Board
    Ok so I'm helping a friend out with his 78 Bonny 750. Getting things wrappedUp and begin to fire her up. Adjusting what needs done. Clutch was one thing that needed going over have the primary case off was Balancing the clutch plate and the next day there is a puddle of oil on the ground...
  3. Wanted
    Still looking for one. Any condition, no junk tho and im looking for one with a chain guard tab.
  4. New? Introduce yourself here!
    I'm a old school lonely diesel mechanic. When i figure out how to upload pictures, i will asap. i dont do well with computers. I have a killer 1955 FL that i put together with some help from a couple of friends.
  5. Wanted
    looking for a 1936-1964 style OG oil tank, PLEASE let me know if you have one in runnable condition, this is the last piece to my shovel puzzle!!!
  6. Parts For Sale
    CitySacramentoStateCAPrice225.00Triumph Pre Unit Rigid Oil Tank with cap in great condition. All threads look good and there is no dents. I was saving this for a build but I am not going to use it. It is one of the best ones I have seen for it being 60 years old. Any questions email me at...
1-6 of 7 Results