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  1. The Board
    Hi, Well I´m the owner a 98 EVO Softail, and recently I had the some noises in my engine. It started with a faulty lifter. I replaced all four of them. Next I heard a noise, and it was the Front Exhaust Adjustable Pushrod that doesn´t have the clearance of the stock ones. So I bought and...
  2. The Board
    Hola Everyone. Bought myself a XLH 1000, 1974 last year. Shes been under the knife for a year now, and are almost good to go. -Exhaust made from drag pipes, with heat wrap. -Kick conversion -DIY Candy red flake Paint -rebuild master brake cylinder -new OEM clutch ass, switched from Mike's...
  3. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hi everyone. So here we go. Got myself an old lady last year. Xlh 1000 1974. Good used, so I gave her some make-up. Stock engine but whit a kick conversation, 21" front wheel with shaved legs. Penga zephyr handlebar with stock brake master and PM cable clutch ass. Dual 70' headlights and a...
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1-4 of 4 Results