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  1. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hi everyone. So here we go. Got myself an old lady last year. Xlh 1000 1974. Good used, so I gave her some make-up. Stock engine but whit a kick conversation, 21" front wheel with shaved legs. Penga zephyr handlebar with stock brake master and PM cable clutch ass. Dual 70' headlights and a...
  2. Wanted
    Wanted: Pre 72 Narrow Glide Front End w/ Drum and 21" Wheel for a Big Twin. Also looking for complete riser/handlebar/controls setup.
  3. The Board
    i know, stupid question. my bike is over at the shop and i can't get in right now to go measure my old one but, i need to know a stock 1975 ironhead front end a 35mm or 39mm? thanks a bunch!
  4. Parts For Sale
    CityBangorStateMainePriceInsideRevtech billet hub kit.... complete with loctite and instructions... for narrow glide 2000 and up, new, sealed bearings and bolts, the whole deal. 60 bucks shipped. paypal is fine to [email protected] please send communication there as well. Thanks for...
  5. Wanted
    I need set of 35mm trees or a whole front end for 60's triumph frame. Preferably without built in risers but i could be swayed that way if they are nice, I have a 7/8" stem HD narrow to trade or do partial. I am interested in springers also , have cash and narrow waiting , Thanks Loffer.
  6. The Board
    Will a 99 narrow glide frontend bolt up to my 50' pan wishbone frame with out stem modification? I tried searching with no luck I am probably searching the wrong words but who knows. Thanks in advance.
1-6 of 7 Results