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  1. The Board
    Just buttoned up a 1950, 1951, 1955, 1963, Panhead basket case. You know the kind. I'm running a 4 speed ratchet top with a chain primary. When I try and kick it over it often feels as though it's binding in the kicker. It will turn the engine over if I can push through it, but it's giving my...
  2. The Board
    Alright everyone, total newbie here when it comes to older HD's although I've wrenched on other more modern Jap bikes so I'm somewhat mechanically savy. Anyway, I recently picked up a '80 FXWG. Engine and tranny seem stock from the research I've done. Ever since I bought it I've had to use...
  3. The Board
    Ok I am sure there is more info needed but long story short I needed to rebuild the kicker on my 69 xlch and got the kicker stuff straight w some help from Dragstews riveting my ratchet on clutch drum and I am putting everything back in kicker stuff looks good so I put the drum on and then new...
  4. Parts For Sale
    City42701StateKYPricemanyI'll be adding MORE parts this whole week..time to let someone else be the parts junky! CLICK HERE FOR PICS AND PRICES Once again, I WILL BE ADDING MORE THIS AFTERNOON and all week. Thanks for looking.
  5. The Board
    Every other time I try to kick start my Triumph, the kicker won't go down, like it sticks & won't go down,I have to take my foot off & try again, almost every time. Plus I have to go through 180 degrees, if you know what I mean. Adjustment needed?
1-5 of 5 Results