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  1. New? Introduce yourself here!
    G'day, I've been checking out the JJ for a few years now on and off with some small problems here and there. I own a few Harley's mostly older stuff 1966 rigid Generator Shovel 1942 Wla bobber 1978 FXE SuperGlide 1974 XLCH Rigid Ironhead ( Current Project )
  2. The Board
    I've been wanting to build an old Ironhead for some time, so I picked up an old 72 Iron I found for pretty cheap (motor and an old chopped up frame I'm not going to use.) Before I got too far I wanted to make sure the bike turned over so I took off the primary cover and found out someone had...
  3. New? Introduce yourself here!
    If not its a good thing I traded up for a '79 Ironhead...first Harley mind you...That being said, I am by no means a knowledgeable chap on the topic. Definitely will be looking to the seasoned for some help and any would be greatly appreciated (in all aspects of the bike, besides riding...
1-3 of 4 Results