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  1. The Board
    Hey, I'm Wiring up a 66 bonneville, using A boyer ignition, podtronics, and NO BATTERY. I've run this system on another bike and it worked out great. Unfortunately I can't remember how I wired it. I've seen a ton of other threads/ diagrams with similar setups but all have been a bit...
  2. The Board
    I've been asking around on chopcult for the last few months and the guys over there helped me out to get where I'm at but they said I might have better luck asking the guys over here on jockey journal. So my mag is on a 72 shovelhead, kick only. I bought the joe hunt mag used last winter...
  3. The Board
    Hi, I have a starting problem with the s&s pan 93" from 2005. Kick, Super E, currently Morris G5 ignition. I am now running out of reasons why the bike won't start and would greatly appreciate help with potential reasons. Background: engine has about 800km from 2005. This winter is has been...
  4. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Greetings everyone!! I'm new to all of this, but I feel like this is an awesome utility to get my facts straight. I recently embarked on a journey that has led me to an incredible machine. A 750 Bonneville. My current bike is a 76 t-140 with the oil in frame. If I could, I would like direction...
  5. The Board
    im just wondering if anyone has ran the 61-64 dual point distributor with 2 dual lead coils. one coil using 2 plugs to fire the front cylinder and one using 2 plugs to fire the rear. in theory it seems like it should work but i havent seen anyone mention anything about it.
1-5 of 5 Results