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  1. The Board
    Hey guys, I picked up an early wide glide with a 16" star hub wheel a while back. Over the weekend I decided to pull it down and check everything was as it should be before I use the 16" on the rear of my bike. I never really examined the hub when i bought the front end as it had all been...
  2. The Board
    Hoping someone could shed some light on the internals for this hub. I'm going to lace it into a 16" Harley rim but need to order internals for it as it only has the bearings and sleeve. I gather it's a unit bolt up hub and it needs 3/4" x 20tpi...
  3. The Board
    Working on installing a new stator and I've gotten the compensator nut off and the clutch hub nut off but can't find a good explanation for pulling the clutch hub. I'm looking for a good video on my whole process here or just the clutch hub but I can't find shit.
  4. The Board
    Hey all, I'm currently hoarding parts for my shovel build and am looking at front drum options for my 45 springer. I was considering a repop side drum for the ease of usage but they pretty expensive for what they are and would prefer to run something a little more practical up front. I have...
  5. Wanted
    I'm looking for a Mid Star Hub or a complete 18" wheel on a mid star hub. Thanks, Vins
  6. Parts For Sale
    CityUhriStateOhioPricein adDual Flange Wheels' hubs complete, wheels rough. $75 each plus shipping.
  7. The Board
    Just wondering if anyone has or is running a sportster rear hub/drum on a rigid HD frame? Cant see it being to much of a problem flipping it to the other side and make new spacers. I guess you'd have to make up a cable to the brake pedal. Any info or pic would be good Cheers
  8. The Board
    Ok, I have searched the forum and still haven't found an answer to my question. Will a sportster rear hub work on the rear of my hardtailed BSA Thunderbolt? I only ask because I want to run a rear disc brake. Will the center of the hub line up w/ the center of the bike (is that even as important...
1-8 of 8 Results