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  1. The Board
    Hi guys,sorry I haven't been JJ for a long time.Last year I decide to replicate some horseshoe oil tanks,and finally made the product through half a year's struggle.Guys please give some comments.:cool:
  2. Parts For Sale
    CityAustinStateTxPrice00Buyer pays shipping First up: Horseshoe rusted inside needs to be cleaned plumbed for triumph.$30. Single cocktail shaker no baffle (will throw in a baffle for an extra 10$) pitted chrome and some bubbling good for a project bike or someone who wants to paint their...
  3. Wanted
    looking for a 1936-1964 style OG oil tank, PLEASE let me know if you have one in runnable condition, this is the last piece to my shovel puzzle!!!
1-3 of 3 Results