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  1. Event Announcements
    The shop is open, we are back in action & Brian is feeling great. Spring Swap Meet is Sunday May 7th. Hope to see you!
  2. The Board
    Hi guys - starting another build thread as the other one got a bit off topic. Here is what I started with. An ugly ass 1980 FLT that had been sitting for about 15 years, I had it running within 24 hours of owning it and it runs nice. Will need a repair on the rear head due to the previous owner...
  3. The Board
    Hi guys been gathering the required parts to start a new build. Will be hard tailing the frame using a fab Kevin kit, ratchet lid kick only, open chain primary and a few other nice pits. Updates to come!
  4. Bikes For Sale
    CityPLStateMNPrice19,000 OBOFor sale is the 1940 ULH bike I built as an invited builder at Born Free 6 this year. 19,000.00 OBO Matching cases fresh rebuild clean number 40ULH motor with clean title 47 knucklehead transmission 48 frame inline HD 40's springer 15" rear rim laced to star hub...
  5. Bikes For Sale
    CitySioux FallsStateSDPriceTradeJust kind of testing the waters... I have a 1967 XLCH that I'd like to trade for preferably a classic running/driver car. Bike Details: Motor - 1967 XLCH 900. Stock bore, stock cams, kick only, Morse-fairbanks magneto, 12v Generator, Transistor regulator...
  6. Wanted
    I'm starting to look around for a running pan motor. OEM cases and clean numbers are a must, but doesn't have to be pristine because I unfortunately can't afford a $7000 motor at the moment. I also could be interested in a Generator Shovel motor of the same condition. I'm in Austin, TX and can...
  7. New? Introduce yourself here!
    i"m a french dud , living in the Uk now ... and for good ! i'm a kind of a petrolhead guy , everything with a engine, two or 4 wheels , but not ...Stock .I hat stock!! life is to short to be a sheep , we've to inovante, keep things moving like electrons , so as the brain ...Creativity ! that's...
  8. The Board
    I'm looking to swap out my stock 16" rear wheel for a new 18" rear rim for my sportster. HD owners, what is the largest rim diameter that will fit without having to mod anything? I'm looking to go for something between a 3.50-4.25" wide rear rim.
  9. Event Announcements
    BUY, SELL or SWAP! The Annual Fall Swap Meet has been set for Sunday October 28th 2012. Check out video from past swap meets: Traditional old school swap meet with motorcycle & hot rod parts only. Tons of vendors will be buying, selling and swapping used parts, vintage parts, new...
  10. Bikes For Sale
    CityorangeStatecaPrice3400(SOLD PENDING PAYMENT) Got a legendary big twin fixer upper here for the price of a sportster! It's a 1982 first year FXR with a shovelhead motor and 5 speed. Narrowglide with dual discs, rear disc. original HD gauges, tall pullback T-bars. California blue plate with...
1-10 of 11 Results