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  1. The Board
    Just wondering if there is a name for these particular type of T bars. with a curve and pull back.
  2. The Board
    I can't see a thread on this, but I think it's a crucial part to the look of a bike. And since I can't decide what bars to use, I figured there must be other people in the same situation... Google search is useful, but you have to search for individual styles, which is not great for comparing...
  3. The Board
    I want to make a set of apes for my BSA and didn't know what wall thickness I should buy for this steel? I know the bars need to be 7/8", and I plan to route the wiring through the bars, if that makes any difference? Thanks, T
  4. Parts For Sale
    CitySpringyTownStateCOPriceIn AdFew things up for sale: For sale is a BRAND NEW Emgo 4" stem, 3 way clamp-on motorcycle mirror. This has never been used and is in the original package. This is a nice little, compact mirror option for your scooter. $15 shipped. Also for sale is an original...
  5. Parts For Sale
    CitySeattleStateWAPrice$45Sold, pending payment For Sale: 1" narrow Flanders style bars. $45.00 These bars are made from 1/8 wall thickness tubing, and are super beefy. Approximate measurements are: Overall width: 30" Center width: 6" Rise: 5 ¾" Pullback: 7" The bars are...
  6. Parts For Sale
    CityBaltimoreStateMarylandPrice$40.00I made these for a sporty project I was doing, but ended up running some low t-style bars on it instead, sorry for the weak picture. They're 1" 304 seamless stainless tubing, .120" thick and T.I.G. welded. They have a 3.5" drop, 25" total outside width, and...
  7. Parts For Sale
    CityBaltimoreStateMarylandPrice$100SOLD Here is a pair of rabbit ears I made today. They're made of American made 304 Stainless, .120" wall thickness 1"O.D. tubing. The specs are as follows: 13.5" Tall, 15.5" Wide (lane splitters), approx. 11" sweepback, 9" of grip space on each side ans are...
  8. Wanted
    Looking for a set of "z" bars. 1" for harley. No more than 4" rise, prefer less. Chrome prefer, no dimples. Just the standard Z bars. No crazy pullback, if any at all. Small riser area if possible (going on a narrowglide) I know I can get them on ebay, but maybe someone's got some laying around...
  9. Jock Shops
    Please visit our website to see all the products we make and have for sale. All of our frames and aluminum products are made in house. Call 512-918-2467 to place an order, our hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday.
1-10 of 10 Results