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  1. The Board
    I've been away for awhile... Anybody doing custom FXR frames anymore? chopper guys out of business, rowe out of business, don't want a rolling thunder or paughco... Those are ok but are limited in terms of custom... Seems like the only option nowdays is to modify stock i guess... or make your...
  2. Wanted
    Likely a long shot bu,t i'm scouring the interwebz looking for corbin FXR warbird kit. old style. have cash will travel.. thanks Junior
  3. Wanted
    Hey all looking for Chopper guys FXR or rowe frame. Needs swingarm and the rowe frame needs oil tank. Also, if you know someone who builds custom fxr frame shoot me a PM. I'm ready to get my next project started with my sputhe motor.... have cash, will travel... -Junior
  4. New? Introduce yourself here!
    Hi everyone just a quick hello from the land of pasties, Tin and clotted cream I hope to help and get some help as I'm about to restore/ modify a rated fxr 1340 shovelhead
  5. Bikes For Sale
    CityorangeStatecaPrice3400(SOLD PENDING PAYMENT) Got a legendary big twin fixer upper here for the price of a sportster! It's a 1982 first year FXR with a shovelhead motor and 5 speed. Narrowglide with dual discs, rear disc. original HD gauges, tall pullback T-bars. California blue plate with...
1-5 of 5 Results