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  1. The Board
    Hey folks, trying to get some insight here. I've got a '77 FLH that I bought last May and rode a good bit last year, without issue. When it started snowing here in Ohio, I put it in the garage and began a few simple maintenance items. I pulled the front fender to get a sense for a few ideas and...
  2. The Board
    So I have a 81 flh I picked up a few weeks ago and want to change the look of the front end. So come on guys need some help befor I put her on the road. Let's see some pics of what you have done.
  3. The Board
    I need to install a helicoil in the rear cylinder exhaust port at the head as it is stripped out. So I am trying to remove the exhaust system and getting frustrated as the parts do want to come apart and there are clamp screws and such that are inaccessible. Anyways, I am thinking about just...
1-3 of 3 Results