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  1. The Board
    Many disagree with this decision, but... a mere six months after my chopper was finished, I am going to re-do it. It's not that I like wasting money, I have just changed my mind. That happens with A.D.D. In order to register my '57 in North Carolina, I had to hand in my New Jersey title. I...
  2. The Board
    I am building a Triumph T100C with mismatched numbers. Does anyone have info on how the California DMV might handle the title year once it is complete? I thought I'd ask here before getting the runaround down there.
  3. The Board
    Hey Everyone- I know this horse has been beat to death… But, I couldn't find anything that matches the scenario… (I have been following DMV posts for the last 2years or so… on a few different sites) Now its finally my turn to play the DMV game… And im getting a bit...
  4. The Board
    Mods, shit can this post if this is inappropriate for the forum or discussed elsewhere. I can't find it! I have an unusual uh.. hypothetical situation.. Say you have acquired a historic paper title for a Harley-Davidson 1941 FL. You went to the local DMV and got it transferred into your name...
1-4 of 4 Results