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  1. Parts For Sale
    CityNorfolkStateUKPrice£60I have a primary chain, crank gear and clutch gear for sale. Please see pics. I also have a working stator and rotor if anyone is interested. Happy to ship to anywhere. Thanks, Dan.
  2. The Board
    Working on installing a new stator and I've gotten the compensator nut off and the clutch hub nut off but can't find a good explanation for pulling the clutch hub. I'm looking for a good video on my whole process here or just the clutch hub but I can't find shit.
  3. The Board
    hey guys, I ride a suicide clutch 4 speed and am looking to change my 5 finger Harley clutch for a rivera pro clutch to hopefully get a smoother friction point to help with hill starting and smoother take off. Have any of you guys used these clutches? ive heard these are a fair bit smoother. I...
  4. The Board
    I've been struggling with a 4 speed clutch on my shovel for a while now. I've pulled the clutch pack numerous times to clean and rough the fiber plates, I've switched the bearing rollers to long rollers (cuz I'm running a belt), and I've adjusted the clutch like a thousand times. :mad: Still it...
  5. The Board
    I have been working on my clutch recently and I pulled it apart to realise there is only 9 clutch plates. So now I am trying to work out if I have a 5t clutch or a 6t clutch (missing two plates). Would someone be able to tell me the differences in the lengths of the clutch basket and the...
  6. The Board
    Having some issues with my clutch. In a nutshell, the bike will start fine, has no grinding issues with the gears. The clutch plates are free (to my knowlege) I can pull my clutch in, and the kicker will run through freely, as I let the clutch lever go, I can feel tension begin and eventually...
  7. The Board
    Here's the deal. I've got this medical "thing" with my left wrist and elbow. It just doesn't want to heal and makes using my hand and arm painful. I rode the Pan today and that old mouse trap clutch is just killing me. I've spent a lot of time trying to find the sweet spot between easy to...
1-7 of 10 Results