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  1. The Board
    Old Gold and DicE are joining forces this year for our 3rd annual open house. What does this mean to you? Nothing if you dont haul ass up to Ventura on Sunday Sept 5th(Labor Day weekend) Live music, food & drink, hotrods, customs and bikes are all welcome, priority parking for all of the above...
  2. Bikes For Sale
  3. The Board
    I bought this bike as a hardtailed roller with a motor in the frame and a truck bed full of parts... The owner claimed to have years of previous experience building and restoring bikes and talked a good talk... The bike told the truth however, the bike was hardtailed using existing swingarm...
  4. Wanted
    I have a skinny old springer that needs a 21" spool wheel and possibly a 5/8" axle. It doesn't have to be in perfect shape, but I'd prefer it to be fairly clean and straight. Needs to have or be able to have 5/8" bearings. If it has a run-able tire that's a bonus. I might be open to a mini-drum/...
  5. Parts For Sale
    CityNew PaltzStateNYPrice$150Sold
  6. The Board
    Mike Davis, Harpoon, EZ, Josh Connley, and myself who now collectively make up the Born-Free staff, have been working on planning the 2010 Born-Free show. There are still plenty of details and things to workout, but at least you can all start planning your summer vacations! Yes, we will be...
  7. Jock Shops
    Please visit our website to see all the products we make and have for sale. All of our frames and aluminum products are made in house. Call 512-918-2467 to place an order, our hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday.
  8. The Board
    Is it possibe to have a thread full of good videos found on the web or wherever? bikes being ridden/started etc I know theres lots of vids posted on here but theyre all over the gaff. I posted this one before, Its still good tho. I did a video search also yea i saw loads all over
  9. The Board
    ive got churchofchoppers, chopperdaves, 4q, rouserworks, bitlwell, wrenchmonkees, and by hand and by brain on my list. anything cool out there i should be checkin out? anybody else on here got anything they wanna share. did something happen to flying dutchmans page? thanks.
101-109 of 113 Results